Insurance for Alaska Businesses and Individuals


Gwaltney & Associates' core business is the protection of an individual's assets and business operations through sound risk management and the use of risk reduction tools such as insurance, structured risk retention and contractual offsets.


Every client has different needs, varied thresholds of risk acceptance and a unique set of priorities. Our goal is to examine these differences on an individual basis and provide solutions tailored to the decision-maker's style and desires.


Unlike some insurance agencies/brokerage houses that set niche or income requirements before working with a client, G&A endeavors to provide each and every Alaskan an opportunity to receive high quality professional insurance service.


Candid Words on Fees and Commissions


G&A, like any business, survives by combining service and value. In certain circumstances, particularly on risks of modest premium size where commissions do not offset expenses, G&A may charge brokerage fees. These fees are not designed to create a profit center but rather enable our agency to treat modest accounts with the same professionalism and time commitment as larger accounts.


Unlike many agencies, if you are not satisfied with the service provided, brokerage / agency fees will be refunded, no questions asked. Please note that policy, carrier, and wholesale fees are charged by some carriers and third-party providers and do not affect agency/brokerage commission or income; these fees are fully earned and are not subject to the Gwaltney & Associates Fee Guarantee.